Don’t Waste Money on These Tourist Destinations

World’s Most Overrated Tourist Destinations – Never Plan a Trip to These Cities

Who in the world would not love to visit a beautiful, out of the world, exotic, exquisite, unusually splendid tourist destination promising you all the delights of a life time, with lots of activities? Who would not? The question is do such places really exist. Many times, they do but many times, they are just huge huge exaggerations of what they are in reality. In short, a sweet promise, fattened by money purses, which fails to deceive, too late after you have splurged your earnings on that hyped up little promotion, dangled in front of your eyes by manipulative sales people.

Prevention is always better than cure. So sit down and browse through, some of these most overestimated and hyped places on earth. And you can avoid selecting them for that dream journey of yours.

1. Tourist DestinationLochness Lake in Scotland- It had achieved a global Reputation on the basis of stories of the existence of a monster in the dark depths. But before you take out that wallet of yours, check this.. THERE IS NO SUCH MONSTER. It is a fake. So if you are spending those bucks on the lookout for a monster, well you are wasting your time.

2. tourist destinationNiagara Falls- You take all the trip to this world famous tourist destination, spend a lot of money to stay at a motel and view a waterfall? All waterfalls are primarily the same. Water falling from a height. If you have one, you have seen all. There is nothing extraordinary about them. That is really really an unnecessary wastage of time and money. Spend your money on something better and visiting a place that you haven’t been to before.

3. Tourist destinationLittle Mermaid Copenhagen- this is the icon of the city of Copenhagen and is considered a must visit tourist destination. But is this as worthwhile to visit? Here is the real fact: This is just a tiny sculpture of barely four feet in height along the waterfront. Save your precious time and money and visit sculptures and sights far worthier to see. Same goes for the Manneken Pis in Brussels. It is quite iconic and well known but seriously, you want to travel all the way just to see the statue of a pissing boy?

4. Tourist DestinationLas Vegas- Often famed for its night life and casinos, Las Vegas’ glamour and flashy lights may take your breath away on that instant sight. But, for how long? This place is a waste of money and time, unless you are passionate about casinos and gambling. Flashy, glitzy and a place for instant marriages, it has a seamier side which it is better to be wary of.

5.Tourist DestinationLondon Eye- Yes it appears to dominate the skyline of London city but hey, would it not be better worth investing that precious time and money to visit the many sights of historical importance in England such as the Buckingham palace and so on.   The London Eye as well as London, being polluted and crowded, is indeed one of the most overrated tourist destinations in the world.

6. Tourist destinationThe Hollywood Walk of Fame– this is just NOT the place to blow away your cash unless you love seeing handprints and stars on the streets. It is just another street with jostling crowds and vendors and you will end up bumping and banging into them as you take photos of those “stars”. Come on, you can purchase a telescope and watch real stars in the sky, which makes for far more fulfilling experience which is cost saving too.

7. Tourist DestinationBali- Though famous for its temples, Hindu culture and its luscious beauty, this tourist destination island boasts of mosquitoes and insects, extremely humid and hot weather, and basically nestles in poverty stricken surroundings. Does not really make up for a comfortable holiday, right? Well, there are many other interesting island spots you can visit in South East Asia, which are cheaper and definitely more value for money.

8. Tourist DestinationStonehenge– This very popular tourist destination renowned for ancient magic, druids and moors has captivated and fascinated readers since long time, but it is nothing more than a set of stones in a circle in a desolate moor. More importantly, you can only see it from far and there no longer exists any of the magical atmosphere owing to the development in the surrounding areas. So, put that money in some more worthwhile place.

9. Tourist DestinationRome- The ancient city of Rome, the city of ancients and philosophers, is today buried under mounds of tourists. You would not expect to enjoy and savour the sights in peace, being pushed around for most part by tourists. Skip this overrated tourist destination and try and visit an explored place that still retains its natural charm.

10. Tourist DestinationVenice- Nothing to see as much as it is hyped about. Only a handful of attractions, which can be skipped, a lot of dirt and now the threat of sinking. True, the gondolas offer a good ride, but if you have gone boating, you can experience nothing new here. The novel concept was what made it a popular destination, but now it remains only crowded and overrated.

11. Tourist DestinationSan Francisco- When you visit San Francisco, you may feel tempted to take a ride up those famous cable cars to get a view of the city but honestly, this is a pleasure which costs too many bucks. A quick ride up and down, for five dollars is just not worth the time and effort. You can derive far more pleasure by taking leisurely strolls around the city.

12. Tourist DestinationMilan- It is the famous Italian city, home to the popular football club AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano, The Milanese Nightingale, Food and Shopping. This tourist destination is famous for its fashion and shopping being the home of famous luxury manufacturers. But if you are going to spend all your limited money to go to a place where you have exhaust your resources just for going to see the land of fashion for fashion sake, then it is really a waste of time. Hence, Milan is overrated.

13. Tourist DestinationThe Empire State Building Observation Rock- Once upon a time, this tourist destination was a must see on every New York sightseer list on account of its being the tallest observation deck in the city , from where you can see Central Park as well as being the site for the action of the Godzilla monster. Now, unfortunately, it has to be scrapped from your list, if you have less time as it has been overtaken in height by 30 rock and you cannot see Central Park anymore owing to the mushrooming of various buildings.

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