Are Expensive Skin Care Products Actually Better

You pay a fortune to look gorgeous; but in reality are expensive skin care products better?

Expensive skin care productsYou go to any shop these days and you will be bombarded by images of before and after, beautiful women with previously dark skin who are now fair, soft skin, smooth and wrinkle free skin? It is very tempting. The advertisements makes you think it is possible to achieve all that nature could not do by use of artificial products.

A beautiful skin and complexion is indeed priceless. But if you don’t take care of it, it will not remain so any longer. This worry has become the foundation of the billions dollar cosmetics and skin care industry. We see advertisements of extremely good looking women or men, persuading us to try one or the other exorbitantly  priced products like Loreal, Clarions, Garnier and so on. And many get swept away by the dreams of easily achieved beautiful skin. But is it worth the money we pay for? And do we get the results we seek?

This is a question best answered by doing research on the kind of skin care products we need and why we need them. Then checking whether the overpriced product fits the bill or not. It will also provide an insight into your own buying habits and lets you decide if it is actually worth buying expensive skin care products.

What Constitutes Expensive Skin Care Products?

Being expensive does not necessarily mean value for money. The cost may due to the brand name or the packaging. So before buying, check that it is the product you want to use and it does contain the ingredients which is vital for the purpose you are buying for.

Natural and Organic products can be much more costlier than lab manufactured ones. Is it absolutely necessary to use this, if you can get same results with a chemically prepared product, as long as no other hazards are there?

Sometimes, the price may often be high due to more percentage of certain vital ingredients and in that case, you can go for the lower priced product, which may be equally good but more slower in action.

Expensive skin care productsThe price may also be based on appealing to the exclusivity and the instinct for trying out unorthodox things, for. e.g some creams may contain some exotic ingredient. Question is, unless proved by research that such things are beneficial, there is a strong likelihood that you are being scammed into buying such things, just because it appealed to your curiosity factor. Till such evidence is there, it would be better to follow the try and tested approach.

Many times, a combination of brand names, endorsements by celebrities and fancy sounding ingredients, which are beautifully packaged are enough to tempt you into buying such products. It is better to do your research first before falling a victim to such insidious advertisements.

In addition, many expensive skin care products such as skin creams advertise that they can be used to remove wrinkles, make you look and feel younger. When actually the same ingredients can be found in less expensive creams. So before settling on that super expensive anti wrinkle cream, check out the many cheaper version available. Scan for the active ingredient present and you sure can achieve the same effect with a lower priced cream. In the case of anti wrinkle creams, the active ingredient needs to be retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids. in fact, in a report in 2011, scientists have claimed that using collagen rich cream for smoothening your skin is useless as the collagen molecules contained in the cream are so large that they are not absorbed by the skin and are thus washed off from the skin.

Are Cheaper Products As Effective As Expensive Skin Care Products?

Collagen creams are amongst the most expensive skin care products available in the market. In fact all creams have the same basic components (moisturiser, elements to maintain the moisturising and some proteins for the skin) so anything added on top is needless and not wanted, so any basic skin cream is good enough. Companies add certain fancy sounding scientific names to bamboozle buyers into thinking that a whole lot of research is being done and to think that the products they are buying are really extra special.If you have the money to waste, do it, else do not waste money on such complex sounding stuff, when a low cost simple cream can do workers.

Another way brands try to make people spend unnecessarily is to promote the importance of solutions like toners, which are not really needed. Cleansing of the skin can be achieved by the use of a good skin cleanser and moisturiser.Creams advertising high SPF values are another way of looting money. One needs broad range sunscreen rather than sunscreen advertising SPF factor. The cream should be active against all the forms of UV radiation. Exfoliation scrubs are another way of making money. It seems that exfoliation only needs to be done in specific skin conditions and not for regular use. Trust our resilient and tough skin to take care of itself. All the brand marketing makes us forget that.

Skin careBrands try to make money by advertising different products for different body parts. The fact is that there is a common base for all these skin treatments and creams and hence one can make do with a single lotion for the whole body rather than spending exorbitantly on different parts. Face, neck and eye creams are very similar and so you can apply the same cream over all these areas. Body lotion or cream can be applied over the rest of the body.

If you want healthy and good skin, why bother to go for expensive skin care products when you can easily use natural skin products which are much less expensive and easily available and also devoid of any chemicals? So when you see brands promote fancy names , step back and look at it twice, it could be a marketing ploy, in all probability.

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