Love Tanning? You Are Inviting Cancer

Stay Away From Tanning If You Want to Stay Away From Cancer!

TanningWe all love tanning and know that exposure to the sun has important benefits as it is essential for the synthesis of Vitamin D but overexposure to sun, as it is a fashion to do, have dangers associated with it including exposure to the harmful UV radiation of the sun.

During the tanning process, the exposure to UV A and UV B radiation may cause oxidation of melanin, redistribution of melanin pigments in the skin and increase production of melanin in the skin, leading to the consequent darkening of the skin. UV A exposure causes mild darkening while UV B exposure is required for intensive darkening.

UV A is harmful as it causes skin cancer while one of the effects of UV B exposure is skin aging. Some of the dangerous Continue Reading →

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Are Expensive Skin Care Products Actually Better

You pay a fortune to look gorgeous; but in reality are expensive skin care products better?

Expensive skin care productsYou go to any shop these days and you will be bombarded by images of before and after, beautiful women with previously dark skin who are now fair, soft skin, smooth and wrinkle free skin? It is very tempting. The advertisements makes you think it is possible to achieve all that nature could not do by use of artificial products.

A beautiful skin and complexion is indeed priceless. But if you don’t take care of it, it will not remain so any longer. This worry has become the foundation of the billions dollar cosmetics and skin care industry. We see advertisements of extremely good looking women or men, persuading us to try one or the other exorbitantly  priced products like Loreal, Clarions, Garnier and so on. And many get swept away by the dreams of easily achieved beautiful skin. But is it worth the money we pay for? And do we get the results we seek? Continue Reading →

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