Gambling is Now Proven Good

Gambling Is Good ! It is Proven now. Read on why gambling can be good for you!

GamblingGambling is a kind of sport which involves the placement of money or some asset on the probable results of an event , whose outcome cannot be predicted and is driven by luck. If the result of the event is the same as the predicted outcome, then the gambler or better will earn more amount of money than the original wagered amount.

Thus, Gambling runs on chance, the amount of money to be obtained as a result of the gambling and consideration (how do you place your game to ensure that chances are high that you would get the required outcome). Thus gambling runs upon strategy, intuition, risk taking and can be extremely addictive as it appeals to the human desire for earning quick money. Gambling may be legally or illegally conducted in countries. Where it is legally conducted, it may be known as gaming, not to be confused with the online gaming.

Gambling is popular worldwide and is a big source of revenue in many countries. In the US alone, the casino industry is very healthy and keeps growing and the national gross revenues have been increasing over time and is currently at its highest since 2007. There are healthy growth prospects for it as it is providing a huge amount of taxes via direct gaming , through casino employment and wages.

Statistics show that the total consumer spending went to up to $ 37.34 billion in 2012. According to Marketline, globally, the gambling industry has showed almost 8 % in 2010 and ended up with 382 billion dollars and the industry was expected to reach revenues up to 513 Billion US dollars by 2015. The developed countries are in the forefront of gambling with the US, EU and Japan accounting for it.

Many countries have banned gambling or allow gambling with some restrictions and limits. But the fact, remains that once allowed, it will provide a very good source of taxes for the government and is one of the sectors which is less dependents on the vagaries of the economy. There are as per some reports greater than 2.2 billion people who gamble and Macau is the world’s largest gambling centre. The gambling industry is also providing loss of employment opportunities to women and minorities.

GamblingThere are different forms of gambling companies: resort based casino gambling, gambling via state lotteries, gaming machines and through online gaming sites. Lotteries form the major chunk of the gambling and gaming industry and it has grabbed greater than 29% of market value.

Gambling can involve both money based and non money based games such as through lotteries, raffle tickets, played as table games and electronic games and can be played purely for fun without money involved. Related to gambling, is betting which can occur both for sports as well as non sports related issues.

Casinos and are in the news these days and rank amongst top entertainment places to visit. Be it las Vegas in the US, Monaco, Macao and even Singapore in the far east all are cashing in on casinos as a way to support and supplement their economy. This is in spite of efforts by social activists to consider it as an abuse and an addictive habit which has negative consequences. So why should we support gambling, rather than reject it outright?

Gambling Relaxes and Makes you Strategize at the Same Time

Firstly, gambling within limits is just like another method of relaxation. We spend money on so many things every day to fulfill our wants and needs. We eat in fancy restaurants, go shopping to buy luxuries, go visiting tourist places and we indulge in things which will keep us happy. Gambling is a risk taking game and thus provides the gamesters a chance to take risks, use strategies and win.

Whether at a roulette table or in real life, we gamble often and sometimes we lose and win. The key is to be prepared for that and take risks accordingly. Gambling offers a sense of excitement and passion for those risk takers, and if within limits and regulations is quite an exciting game.

The problems associated with gambling such as addiction and throwing away whole earnings upon gambling comes with lack of awareness of self., poor judgement and lack of self control. All of us are not made the same way and we do not come with the same level of self discipline. And this in some cases, lead to self destruction. But is it not the same for any other habit be it smoking, drinking, sex, love, money? Any habit can be destructive when it is not within our ability to manage it.

So, banning gambling is not the problem rather the solution should be to teach people self management ability so that they can understand, know and draw their limits. People who are not able to manage their gambling in an effective manner have to be coached and guided on this. Because, even if you forbid them the game, they are still going to come back to it. So a better way would be to guide them to control their playing.Gambling

History Also Tells You Gambling is Good

Gambling is a game by which a few with the skills and luck will win it. It is a game which only the best can win. And why should we grudge someone a victory?

There are also mystical and mythological associations with the game. Gambling has a long history with it being played in many ancient civilizations. The workings of gambling are associated with the modus operandi of life itself. Life, as I mentioned is itself a gamble and there is a very high degree of randomness associated with it. When we live life and take calculated risks against life, it is very similar to the risks that gambler takes.

Gambling thus teaches us life skills such as knowing when to take risks, when to walk away from losing ventures etc. It improves the strategic thinking of our brain and our skills. Hence, the fact that such a game played since time immemorial and having a philosophical value, should not be banned and should be encouraged, with maybe some restraints in place regarding usage of money.

Gambling is a time honoured game with the knack of sharpening our brains and skills and hence should be encouraged after taking care that the players have sufficient self management skills

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