Boston Marathon Bombing Could Have Been Averted!

Did You Know the Boston Marathon Bombing Could Have Been Avoided?

Boston MarathonThousands of lives could have been saved and the horrific incident could easily have been averted by the authorities. Read on to know what happened, why it happened and how we could have prevented this tragic incident.

The Boston Marathon – All About It

The Boston marathon is the oldest and most prestigious of marathons run in the US, greater Boston, Massachusetts, held on Patriots’ Day, 3rd Monday of April, world’s oldest annual marathon, it is one of 6 world marathon majors and was inspired by the Greek Marathon. It attracts spectators in millions. And it is always on such occasions, that cities need to be specially forearmed and forewarned as such scenes of congestion of large sections of the populace would be tempting for would be terrorists/disruptors or Continue Reading →

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Strange Ways By Which Movies Influence Society

Do Movies Influence the Society or Are Movies Inspired by Society?

This is indeed a question akin to which comes first, the chicken or the egg? What is the connection between movies and society? Do movies inspire society or vice versa?

MoviesMy view is that it is a two way process. Movies are an artist’s view, depiction and understanding of events/incidents/happenings in society and in human lives, which may be depicted in various forms. Movies are an expression of the past, present and even the future, and hence they are a tremendous influence on us.

They serve to open our eyes and minds, to perspectives which we would not otherwise be able to visualise in our single dimensional lives. Movies, express their central objectives through the use of drama, through music, and gestures and role play, which may sometimes be more impactful than even books, because they are ensuring that our various senses are focussed. Movies can disturb us, profoundly change our way of thinking. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Waste Money on These Tourist Destinations

World’s Most Overrated Tourist Destinations – Never Plan a Trip to These Cities

Who in the world would not love to visit a beautiful, out of the world, exotic, exquisite, unusually splendid tourist destination promising you all the delights of a life time, with lots of activities? Who would not? The question is do such places really exist. Many times, they do but many times, they are just huge huge exaggerations of what they are in reality. In short, a sweet promise, fattened by money purses, which fails to deceive, too late after you have splurged your earnings on that hyped up little promotion, dangled in front of your eyes by manipulative sales people.

Prevention is always better than cure. So sit down and browse through, some of these most overestimated and hyped places on earth. And you can avoid selecting them for that dream journey of yours.

1. Tourist DestinationLochness Lake in Scotland- It had achieved a global Reputation on the basis of stories of the existence of a monster in the dark depths. But before you take out that wallet of yours, check this.. THERE IS NO SUCH MONSTER. It is a fake. So if you are spending those bucks on the lookout for a monster, well you are wasting your time.

2. tourist destinationNiagara Falls- You take all the trip to this world famous tourist destination, spend a lot of money to stay at a motel and view a waterfall? All waterfalls are primarily the same. Water falling from a height. If you have one, you have seen all. There is nothing extraordinary about them. That is really really an unnecessary wastage of time and money. Spend your money on something better and visiting a place that you haven’t been to before.

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The Shocking Truth of the Church

Church-Goers go to the Church Without Questioning their Ways. But Is That All There is to What a Church Preaches? Or Is There a Hidden Motive?


Today is the time of Science, Reason and Rationalism. Technology is  crossing barriers, which were not thought possible. So where is the relevance of God and Church today? What does it mean to you? The war between the exponents of the God principle and the necessity of Christian beliefs and the church in man’s life and between rationalists and atheists, who believe in the power of science and reason over superstitious beliefs has been ongoing over centuries, with those questioning the church’s right to interfere in the life of humans being at the receiving end of the atrocities propagated by the church. History is replete with cases wherein those who have protested the church’s interference in state as well as individual life have suffered the consequences. Continue Reading →

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Best Biologist, Charles Darwin, Fooled Us

Charles Darwin rose to become the world’s best evolutionary biologist due to this theory of evolution. But did you know the theory was flawed?

It is as if Charles Darwin got us all fooled all these years. Here are the major flaws in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Charles Darwin was the author of the path-breaking and monumental work, On the Origin of Species. This book is considered to be the origin oCharles Darwinf the field of evolutionary biology. Much of his theory pertained to how organisms arose from a common ancestor and underwent a course of evolution over millions of years, to reach the form where they are today. The book was based on the results of evidence obtained over the course of his research as well as the discoveries he made on the famous expedition aboard the Beagle, which took him to that now immortalised island, Galapagos. Continue Reading →

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Why I Love Adolf Hitler

Most of You Might Look at Him as a Barbaric Tyrant, But I Say He Was the Best Leader The World Could Have. Find Out Why I Love Adolf Hitler and You Will Agree With Me

Adolf HitlerI love Adolf Hitler. Yes, the unquestioned leader of Germany between 1934 to 1945, the Fuhrer, the man who commanded the blind loyalty of millions and was responsible for the genocide of millions of innocents, who was responsible for leading his country to a humiliating defeat in World War II and to its economic destruction.

History and humanity will never forgive him for his crimes against humanity which was caused by a distorted perception and virulent hatred towards Jews and other communities. Continue Reading →

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Wheat Pennies

Are Wheat Pennies Still Valued?

Wheat PenniesMany of us are fascinated with collecting things. They could be papers, books, clothes, stamps, currency, electronics, anything. While some love to collect the latest and be in touch with the times, others tend to collect things from times gone long by, to savour the mystique and charm of being in touch with the past. Continue Reading →

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