Lose Weight With a Sip of This – Probiotics

Lose weight the easy way now. All of us want to get into the perfect shape. Gyms won’t like this, but you can now lose weight with a sip of a drink!

Probiotics Can Help You Manage Your Weight

Probiotics are organisms, whose intake ofProbioticsfers some kind of benefit to the host. They include bacteria and yeast. One may wonder when our bodies already have an existing variety of microorganisms, (billions and billions of greater than 500 different kinds) what is the use of taking additional quantities of them? And as most of the time we are under attack by microorganisms, what is the advantage?

History of probiotics

Probiotics were discovered in the 1900s by Russian scientist, Elie Metchnikoff in Paris as a result of his enquiry into why certain inhabitants of Bulgarian community lived longer than others. He discovered that the secret was the daily drinking of a fermented yogurt drink consisting of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and these bacteria were called probiotics. Subsequent efforts by scientists uncovered many other species who offer such benefits such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Saccharomyces boulardii, and Bifidobacterium infants. The field of study of probiotics’ role in health management and treatment and prevention of disease is called pharmacobiotics.

How Do Probiotics Help Us?

Probiotics meaning pro life, have been scientifically shown to confer health benefits. They are very popular in Japan, South East Asia and Europe. Probiotics are usually consumed in the form of fermented drinks, supplements, powders and food like yogurt, cheese, curds, soy based foods which contain live cultures of these organisms.

They are believed to confer the following benefits:

1. Regulate digestion by promoting the correct balance of microbiota in the body as long as this is balanced by a diet of unprocessed and healthy food. Processed food and sugar rich food also promotes the growth of unhealthy and disease causing bacteria.

Probiotics2. Intestinal function by adjusting the balance of the microorganisms within the body. They fight the ‘bad’ microorganisms and do not allow them to grow by fighting with them for colonisation and attachment space as well as nutrition.

3. Irritable bowel syndromes, allergies, urinary and vaginal infections. Probiotic therapy can really ameliorate infant diarrhoea significantly

4. They are also believed to help in fighting diseases like type 1 diabetes and fibromyalgia

5. Probiotics intake has been associated with anti-carcinogenic effects.It does this by detoxification of certain kinds of toxins in the gut. Intake of mixtures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermopiles are much more effective in negating the risk factors of carcinogenesis.

Lose Weight With Probiotics!

Now, the latest reports show they are good at helping in managing your weight. Wow, so how powerful are these little fighters? Some reports indicate that weight problems may be due to an imbalance in your intestinal bacteria with overweight people having more of the’ undesirable ones. They have determined that overweight people show more numbers of a firmicutes version as compared to the normal weight people who show more numbers of a bacteroidetes species. The firmicuites bacteria appear to be more efficient at converting the calories obtained from sugar to fats as compared to the other strain. There may be some genetic/biochemical difference involved.

And it was also observed that as you thin down, the proportion of the obese bacteria decreases and the balance tilts towards the other one. More importantly, some of the weight loss due to surgeries such as gastric bypass are due to changes in the bacterial composition of the intestinal flora. Scientists have tried out experiments where they tried to see what would happen if you change your existing bacteria into those desirable ones.

Research has shown that mice which received bacteria from overweight humans developed more fat as compared to those that received bacteria from leaner humans. This has opened possibilities in using probiotics as a method of weight management by creating microbial cultures representative of the type of metabolic ecosystem, one wants to create within one’s body.

Furthermore, research by a group of Japanese researchers have shown that people who consumed drinks blended with probiotics which are specially known for aiding fat loss, lost around 8% of fat that accumulates around the heart and vital organs, which is dangerous for the health of the person as well as 1-3 % of the fat around their waist. This is a significant loss and holds out hope for those who want to lose their weight. The probiotics may act by improving the intestinal conditions which aid in better absorption as well as digestion. Besides which, probiotics help in weight management issues by impacting other issues such as bowel movement and sugar metabolism.

ProbioticsResearch has shown that there are also some probiotics such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus which have been associated with loss of weight in women. Now this should be a good news for women, isn’t it? The study showed that women who were provided with fermented drinks containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus under conditions of dietary restriction, lost weight more than women who did not and who lost weight. When the dietary restrictions was removed, the women who had not taken the yogurt drink, gained back the weight they lost, while the other group maintained their losing spree. Now this is something to be excited about , isn’t it?

Thus it is very important to eat diets that promotes the growth of such bacteria. Therefore, more the diet is rich in sugars and fats, the more it will promote the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Thus, by having a diet rich in probiotics but keeping other food healthy and unprocessed, one can really manage to achieve a healthy weight.

While this may sound uplifting news for sufferers from weight related issues, it is too early to rush out and buy large volumes of probiotics as there needs to be more evidence in this direction supported by the work of scientists and laboratories, not associated with companies who manufacture probiotics. In addition, the data supports in conjunction with a balanced diet.

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