Love Tanning? You Are Inviting Cancer

Stay Away From Tanning If You Want to Stay Away From Cancer!

TanningWe all love tanning and know that exposure to the sun has important benefits as it is essential for the synthesis of Vitamin D but overexposure to sun, as it is a fashion to do, have dangers associated with it including exposure to the harmful UV radiation of the sun.

During the tanning process, the exposure to UV A and UV B radiation may cause oxidation of melanin, redistribution of melanin pigments in the skin and increase production of melanin in the skin, leading to the consequent darkening of the skin. UV A exposure causes mild darkening while UV B exposure is required for intensive darkening.

UV A is harmful as it causes skin cancer while one of the effects of UV B exposure is skin aging. Some of the dangerous Continue Reading →

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Lose Weight With a Sip of This – Probiotics

Lose weight the easy way now. All of us want to get into the perfect shape. Gyms won’t like this, but you can now lose weight with a sip of a drink!

Probiotics Can Help You Manage Your Weight

Probiotics are organisms, whose intake ofProbioticsfers some kind of benefit to the host. They include bacteria and yeast. One may wonder when our bodies already have an existing variety of microorganisms, (billions and billions of greater than 500 different kinds) what is the use of taking additional quantities of them? And as most of the time we are under attack by microorganisms, what is the advantage?

History of probiotics

Probiotics were discovered in the 1900s by Russian scientist, Elie Metchnikoff in Paris as a result of his enquiry into why certain inhabitants of Bulgarian community lived longer than others. He discovered that the secret was the daily drinking of a fermented yogurt drink Continue Reading →

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Control Your Mood With Food

Did You Know There Is a Strong Relation Between the Food You Eat and Your Mood?

FoodAll our survival depends on the availability of food but the right kind of food is essential for our health and well being. We all know the importance of correct nutrients for our physical well being but what we know little of, is how much the right kind of food contributes to the right kind of mood. Hippocrates was the earliest thinker who mentioned about the healing power of food.

People resort to variety of mechanisms for emulating their moods especially negative moods. One is by intaking or imbibing certain substances or fluids. This could include, food, drinks, chocolates etc. Research has shown that people try to compensate or improve their moods by consuming certain foods and therefore, it has been known that certain foods are found to be taken more during certain moods. The results of the research came out with startling facts. Continue Reading →

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Male and Female Brains are Very Different, Now Proven

Men and women can never be alike. Their brains are wired differently! We have to live with it!

BrainsWell, the gender wars and stereotyping have been very popular through the ages. And that famous book of John Gray ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ has become a very popular saying poking fun at the ages long celebration or derision (as you may like to think) about the differences between the genders.

In case you thought these were all jokes and those men and women are equal in all ways, then do reconsider your views, in light of the latest scientist reports. Neuroscience researchers in the University of Pennsylvania have found some amazing results which could provide some foundation for the age long stereotyping of male and female attributes. Continue Reading →

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Best Biologist, Charles Darwin, Fooled Us

Charles Darwin rose to become the world’s best evolutionary biologist due to this theory of evolution. But did you know the theory was flawed?

It is as if Charles Darwin got us all fooled all these years. Here are the major flaws in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Charles Darwin was the author of the path-breaking and monumental work, On the Origin of Species. This book is considered to be the origin oCharles Darwinf the field of evolutionary biology. Much of his theory pertained to how organisms arose from a common ancestor and underwent a course of evolution over millions of years, to reach the form where they are today. The book was based on the results of evidence obtained over the course of his research as well as the discoveries he made on the famous expedition aboard the Beagle, which took him to that now immortalised island, Galapagos. Continue Reading →

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