The Shocking Truth of the Church

Church-Goers go to the Church Without Questioning their Ways. But Is That All There is to What a Church Preaches? Or Is There a Hidden Motive?


Today is the time of Science, Reason and Rationalism. Technology is  crossing barriers, which were not thought possible. So where is the relevance of God and Church today? What does it mean to you? The war between the exponents of the God principle and the necessity of Christian beliefs and the church in man’s life and between rationalists and atheists, who believe in the power of science and reason over superstitious beliefs has been ongoing over centuries, with those questioning the church’s right to interfere in the life of humans being at the receiving end of the atrocities propagated by the church. History is replete with cases wherein those who have protested the church’s interference in state as well as individual life have suffered the consequences.

The church has lost its relevance over times. Yes, it still continues to have influence over all those souls who do not have the wherewithal to question the church’s powers or the existence of God, who do not have the ability to trust in themselves, rather decide to give up all ownership to one “power” whose existence has neither been scientifically nor rationally confirmed. Do you want a life, believing that it is someone else who guides your destiny or do you want to empower yourself as the charter and navigator of your destiny? It is all a question of handing over your personal power to someone else, viz an organisation of human beings, who seeks to control human life, in the name of an intangible and indefinable quality.

ChurchThe church proclaims that man’s life revolves around God, that man is a part of God and cannot be greater than God or incapable of thinking on  his own without God’s help and his life should be devoted to God’s purpose. How can a human life be dedicated to the purpose of that, which has not be seen or heard or evidence of whose existence does not exist except in the form of myths and parables?

Also, by directing a human life to a certain act such as living his life for someone else, the church and their followers are interfering with the absolute right of a human being to liberty and to the use of his own reasoning for guiding and directing his own life.

By constantly focusing on the practice of sin and guilt and confession practices, the Church seeks to keep its flock in a state of eternal victimization. By creating the concept of an ideal human being, in the form of God, and by enforcing and commanding its followers to lead their lives, in this artificial image, the Church interferes with the very basic tenets of life, which is that we are all born different and we are all born to follow different ways. It creates a situation, where followers have to become untrue to themselves and take on masks, to be a part of the church. What explains the preponderances of practices in the Church, which have been getting exposed with time include corruption and pedophilia?

The church is all about submission and following someone else’s doctrine and such kind of thinking, whether it is practiced by the church or any other religious authority destroys the development of reason in its followers. Hence, except for the emotional comfort provided by scriptural words, it does not have relevance today.

Image source:

Image of No God By Peterrr08 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Two Priests Are Destroyed (watercolor circa 1896–1902 by James Tissot)  via Wikimedia Commons


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