Boston Marathon Bombing Could Have Been Averted!

Did You Know the Boston Marathon Bombing Could Have Been Avoided?

Boston MarathonThousands of lives could have been saved and the horrific incident could easily have been averted by the authorities. Read on to know what happened, why it happened and how we could have prevented this tragic incident.

The Boston Marathon – All About It

The Boston marathon is the oldest and most prestigious of marathons run in the US, greater Boston, Massachusetts, held on Patriots’ Day, 3rd Monday of April, world’s oldest annual marathon, it is one of 6 world marathon majors and was inspired by the Greek Marathon. It attracts spectators in millions. And it is always on such occasions, that cities need to be specially forearmed and forewarned as such scenes of congestion of large sections of the populace would be tempting for would be terrorists/disruptors or Continue Reading →

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Don’t Waste Money on These Tourist Destinations

World’s Most Overrated Tourist Destinations – Never Plan a Trip to These Cities

Who in the world would not love to visit a beautiful, out of the world, exotic, exquisite, unusually splendid tourist destination promising you all the delights of a life time, with lots of activities? Who would not? The question is do such places really exist. Many times, they do but many times, they are just huge huge exaggerations of what they are in reality. In short, a sweet promise, fattened by money purses, which fails to deceive, too late after you have splurged your earnings on that hyped up little promotion, dangled in front of your eyes by manipulative sales people.

Prevention is always better than cure. So sit down and browse through, some of these most overestimated and hyped places on earth. And you can avoid selecting them for that dream journey of yours.

1. Tourist DestinationLochness Lake in Scotland- It had achieved a global Reputation on the basis of stories of the existence of a monster in the dark depths. But before you take out that wallet of yours, check this.. THERE IS NO SUCH MONSTER. It is a fake. So if you are spending those bucks on the lookout for a monster, well you are wasting your time.

2. tourist destinationNiagara Falls- You take all the trip to this world famous tourist destination, spend a lot of money to stay at a motel and view a waterfall? All waterfalls are primarily the same. Water falling from a height. If you have one, you have seen all. There is nothing extraordinary about them. That is really really an unnecessary wastage of time and money. Spend your money on something better and visiting a place that you haven’t been to before.

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Love Tanning? You Are Inviting Cancer

Stay Away From Tanning If You Want to Stay Away From Cancer!

TanningWe all love tanning and know that exposure to the sun has important benefits as it is essential for the synthesis of Vitamin D but overexposure to sun, as it is a fashion to do, have dangers associated with it including exposure to the harmful UV radiation of the sun.

During the tanning process, the exposure to UV A and UV B radiation may cause oxidation of melanin, redistribution of melanin pigments in the skin and increase production of melanin in the skin, leading to the consequent darkening of the skin. UV A exposure causes mild darkening while UV B exposure is required for intensive darkening.

UV A is harmful as it causes skin cancer while one of the effects of UV B exposure is skin aging. Some of the dangerous Continue Reading →

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Male and Female Brains are Very Different, Now Proven

Men and women can never be alike. Their brains are wired differently! We have to live with it!

BrainsWell, the gender wars and stereotyping have been very popular through the ages. And that famous book of John Gray ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ has become a very popular saying poking fun at the ages long celebration or derision (as you may like to think) about the differences between the genders.

In case you thought these were all jokes and those men and women are equal in all ways, then do reconsider your views, in light of the latest scientist reports. Neuroscience researchers in the University of Pennsylvania have found some amazing results which could provide some foundation for the age long stereotyping of male and female attributes. Continue Reading →

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Are Expensive Skin Care Products Actually Better

You pay a fortune to look gorgeous; but in reality are expensive skin care products better?

Expensive skin care productsYou go to any shop these days and you will be bombarded by images of before and after, beautiful women with previously dark skin who are now fair, soft skin, smooth and wrinkle free skin? It is very tempting. The advertisements makes you think it is possible to achieve all that nature could not do by use of artificial products.

A beautiful skin and complexion is indeed priceless. But if you don’t take care of it, it will not remain so any longer. This worry has become the foundation of the billions dollar cosmetics and skin care industry. We see advertisements of extremely good looking women or men, persuading us to try one or the other exorbitantly  priced products like Loreal, Clarions, Garnier and so on. And many get swept away by the dreams of easily achieved beautiful skin. But is it worth the money we pay for? And do we get the results we seek? Continue Reading →

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Never Buy Celebrity Endorsements

You might love to see your favorite celeb on screen but celebrity endorsements are unethical and should be banned!

Celebrity EndorsementsCelebrity endorsements refer to the practice of businesses using celebrities to promote their services or products. It is a mutual I scratch your back-you scratch mine policy. The celebrity earns millions of dollars and other perks as part of the trade off and the company is able to make use of the star power of the celebrity, to drive the sales of its product. Examples are many: celebrities endorsing soft drinks, cereals, health drinks, cars, beauty products.

Celebrity endorsements have become a powerful tool used by companies to establish and promote their brand image as well as marketing purposes by using the influence projected by the celebrity in the public arena. Reports have shown that endorsements by celebrities can Continue Reading →

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Start Eating Saturated Fats Now

Why the Whole Idea of Steering People Away From Saturated Fats was a Mistake

The war between which is healthier, saturated or unsaturated fats, has been, till date, heavily date, tilted against saturated fats so far. From long time, saturated fats have been blamed for all the illnesses we suffer and a whole industry has come up around demonising saturated fats while holding up unsaturated fats as the one to consume for good health. But things have changed in recent times. Before looking at what has led to the change on perception around saturated fats, let us understand what they are in the first place. Continue Reading →

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Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

JuvenileA group of burglars enter a house to ransack it, only to discover an old lady and her son inside. In their insane fury, they shoot the son to death in front of the mother and stab the lady. Gruesome? Pathological? Heartless? How would you feel if you knew that the ages of the perpetrators were between 17-19. People who should have been studying ended up serving sentences from death penalty to life sentences. These are juveniles committing crimes hitherto considered to be adult in nature. Why should juveniles not be punished in accordance with the severity of their crimes, in an adult court?

What are the statistics of juvenile crimes and convictions?

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Blackberry Had to Fail

Do you Know, Blackberry’s Failure was Inevitable? Why Did Blackberry (the Phone) Doom? Read on Views from the Expert. 

Amongst the biggest technology stories of giants morphing into dwarfs, would that be of Blackberry, once the world’s most widely used smartphone. Indeed, its fall has been dramatic. What is responsible for the fall of a company, whose phones were the most widely used?


Blackberry phones were amongst a set of wireless hand operated devices introduced by Blackberry Limited. While the first BB device was a pager which was introduced in 1999, the first BB phones were introduced in 2003 and what characterized and were unique to these phones was the presence of a QWERTY keyboard. Thus the phones could be used not only for telephoning but also for data creation and distribution such as the creation of documents. But why it won the hearts of businesses and employees was due to its Blackberry Messenger, which ensured that communication between Blackberry phones was free of charge. Continue Reading →

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Gambling is Now Proven Good

Gambling Is Good ! It is Proven now. Read on why gambling can be good for you!

GamblingGambling is a kind of sport which involves the placement of money or some asset on the probable results of an event , whose outcome cannot be predicted and is driven by luck. If the result of the event is the same as the predicted outcome, then the gambler or better will earn more amount of money than the original wagered amount.

Thus, Gambling runs on chance, the amount of money to be obtained as a result of the gambling and consideration (how do you place your game to ensure that chances are high that you would get the required outcome). Thus gambling runs upon strategy, intuition, risk taking and can be extremely addictive as it appeals to the human desire for earning quick money. Gambling may be legally or illegally conducted in countries. Where it is legally conducted, it may be known as gaming, not to be confused with the online gaming. Continue Reading →

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