Why I Love Adolf Hitler

Most of You Might Look at Him as a Barbaric Tyrant, But I Say He Was the Best Leader The World Could Have. Find Out Why I Love Adolf Hitler and You Will Agree With Me

Adolf HitlerI love Adolf Hitler. Yes, the unquestioned leader of Germany between 1934 to 1945, the Fuhrer, the man who commanded the blind loyalty of millions and was responsible for the genocide of millions of innocents, who was responsible for leading his country to a humiliating defeat in World War II and to its economic destruction.

History and humanity will never forgive him for his crimes against humanity which was caused by a distorted perception and virulent hatred towards Jews and other communities.

The extent of ruthless and brutality perpetuated by him still rankles in the minds of the world as an entire community was almost obliterated in that terrible Holocaust. So how did someone who had such an ordinary background turn into one of the most ruthless dictators of his time?

Childhood of Adolf Hitler

The background of Adolf Hitler hints at the kind of influences which would shape him into the man he would become. These included an unhappy relationship with his father, extreme poverty and suffering as well as political and religious influences which influenced his outlook towards Germany and Jews. His childhood was under a very repressive father. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889 to a civil service father Alois Hitler and mother Klara Hitler. When Adolf Hitler was three years old, his family migrated from Austria to Germany. From the age of six, the retirement of his father created a very tense atmosphere at home, which influenced him. He often entered into furious conflicts with his father. In addition his personality changed after the death of younger brother and he became very reclusive. The surprising thing about Adolf Hitler, which many do not know, was that he had been very much interested in art and German nationalism at that age. But his father did not approve of his artistic interests. The interest in German nationalism would subsequently develop into a lifelong passion and would be one of the driving forces in his life.

Youth of Adolf Hitler

Adolf HitlerLife became more difficult for him, when his father passed suddenly and the burden of running the household fell on his mother . The family was badly situated and Adolf Hitler was forced to leave school and later he went to Vienna. The following years were filled with difficulty wherein he worked as a laborer to sustain himself, his art dreams never materialized and after having exhausted his resources wound up in a homeless shelter. During this time of destitution, seeing the sight of rich jews started building resentment and hatread against them. His anti Semitism is believed to have dated from there. He was also tremendously influenced by Pan-Germanism.

At this time, in 1914 the World War I intervened and changed his fortunes and destiny. It influenced very strongly his attitudes towards Germany and nationalism. He did well in the war and was decorated with awards for his actions but he was deeply humiliated by Germany’s loss and dreamt of a Germany which would be victorious. As he cultivated a passionate love for Germany, he also developed a vicious hatred for communism, Marxism. Furthermore his military career saw him tremendously influenced by the extreme right nationalist party DAP’s ideologies especially anti –semitism , anti communism and Marxism. He joind DAP and later became known for his passionate but hate spilling speeches which stoked the fires of german nationalism and anti Semitism in a country suffering from war and economic deprivation.

His smartness and ruthlessness helped him reach the top leadership position of the Germany (chancellor) following a failed coup and a short jail term, which never really stopped him from achieving his objective viz leading Germany. Subsequent activities is well known as how Germany under Hitler embarked on the vicious gameplan of elimination jews from Germany, known as the final solution, as hitler held them responsible for the economic sufferings of Germany. And thus the Holocaust came into effect, whose consequences would haunt Germany and the world to come.

You would think, what is there to leave alone love, even find something positive in him. But I say, reprehensible as his actions may have been, the man was one of the greatest leaders of this century. Yes, misguided in his goals and understanding but undoubtedly a man who possessed many qualities which are the signs of a great leader and for these traits, I love him. He has shown that each and every one of us can be what we want to be. He has also taught us the importance of choosing and pursuing the correct goals and of the dangers of prejudice and sophistry and how calamitous it can be for humanity.

Traits of Adolf Hitler

Adolf HitlerDetermination- His passion and dreams, were what made him overcome humble beginnings to achieve the biggest position, any German could achieve i.e. to be the chancellor and leader of the country. He was a tough leader, who managed to remove all obstacles and achieve centre stage in German politics, ultimately becoming into the only

Ambition and Dreams- He had dreams for Germany and visualized her achieving a great role on the world stage. His visions aimed at driving Germany in that direction by embarking on World War II. Unfortunately, his visions being based on racial cruelty had disastrous consequences for Germany. In spite of losses, he was unwavering in his goal and believed in himself and his ideas fully.

Charisma- Adolf Hitler had natural charisma and oratorical skills, which along with his passion for Germany, drove hordes to become his followers. He had a vision and a mission with clear objectives. These are the qualities we need to have to achieve success in life.

Organizational skills- He was able to create a huge military system based on discipline and commitment to a certain ideal.

Personal qualities- His single mindedness, lack of any addictions like drinking and his ability to empathize with the average German, endeared him to his passionate followers.

Passion for his country- From his youth onwards, he was extremely nationalistic but this nationalist spirit was corrupted by the influence of anti-Semitic preachers and his own poverty stricken early beginnings made him a lifelong hatred of Jews, disabled etc. His nationalism was strengthened by the defeat of Germany in World War II and he was able to call upon the German citizens to unite by reaching out to their patriotism. However, his prejudices inspired by anti-Semitic preachers, vitiated his mind to such an extent that his quest and dream of a great Germany resulted in unutterable catastrophe.

In light of this, I would say that Adolf Hitler was a leader I would love to emulate for most of his qualities but not for his goals.

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