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Boston Marathon Bombing Could Have Been Averted!

Did You Know the Boston Marathon Bombing Could Have Been Avoided?

Boston MarathonThousands of lives could have been saved and the horrific incident could easily have been averted by the authorities. Read on to know what happened, why it happened and how we could have prevented this tragic incident.

The Boston Marathon – All About It

The Boston marathon is the oldest and most prestigious of marathons run in the US, greater Boston, Massachusetts, held on Patriots’ Day, 3rd Monday of April, world’s oldest annual marathon, it is one of 6 world marathon majors and was inspired by the Greek Marathon. It attracts spectators in millions. And it is always on such occasions, that cities need to be specially forearmed and forewarned as such scenes of congestion of large sections of the populace would be tempting for would be terrorists/disruptors or Continue Reading →

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Strange Ways By Which Movies Influence Society

Do Movies Influence the Society or Are Movies Inspired by Society?

This is indeed a question akin to which comes first, the chicken or the egg? What is the connection between movies and society? Do movies inspire society or vice versa?

MoviesMy view is that it is a two way process. Movies are an artist’s view, depiction and understanding of events/incidents/happenings in society and in human lives, which may be depicted in various forms. Movies are an expression of the past, present and even the future, and hence they are a tremendous influence on us.

They serve to open our eyes and minds, to perspectives which we would not otherwise be able to visualise in our single dimensional lives. Movies, express their central objectives through the use of drama, through music, and gestures and role play, which may sometimes be more impactful than even books, because they are ensuring that our various senses are focussed. Movies can disturb us, profoundly change our way of thinking. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Waste Money on These Tourist Destinations

World’s Most Overrated Tourist Destinations – Never Plan a Trip to These Cities

Who in the world would not love to visit a beautiful, out of the world, exotic, exquisite, unusually splendid tourist destination promising you all the delights of a life time, with lots of activities? Who would not? The question is do such places really exist. Many times, they do but many times, they are just huge huge exaggerations of what they are in reality. In short, a sweet promise, fattened by money purses, which fails to deceive, too late after you have splurged your earnings on that hyped up little promotion, dangled in front of your eyes by manipulative sales people.

Prevention is always better than cure. So sit down and browse through, some of these most overestimated and hyped places on earth. And you can avoid selecting them for that dream journey of yours.

1. Tourist DestinationLochness Lake in Scotland- It had achieved a global Reputation on the basis of stories of the existence of a monster in the dark depths. But before you take out that wallet of yours, check this.. THERE IS NO SUCH MONSTER. It is a fake. So if you are spending those bucks on the lookout for a monster, well you are wasting your time.

2. tourist destinationNiagara Falls- You take all the trip to this world famous tourist destination, spend a lot of money to stay at a motel and view a waterfall? All waterfalls are primarily the same. Water falling from a height. If you have one, you have seen all. There is nothing extraordinary about them. That is really really an unnecessary wastage of time and money. Spend your money on something better and visiting a place that you haven’t been to before.

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Never Buy Celebrity Endorsements

You might love to see your favorite celeb on screen but celebrity endorsements are unethical and should be banned!

Celebrity EndorsementsCelebrity endorsements refer to the practice of businesses using celebrities to promote their services or products. It is a mutual I scratch your back-you scratch mine policy. The celebrity earns millions of dollars and other perks as part of the trade off and the company is able to make use of the star power of the celebrity, to drive the sales of its product. Examples are many: celebrities endorsing soft drinks, cereals, health drinks, cars, beauty products.

Celebrity endorsements have become a powerful tool used by companies to establish and promote their brand image as well as marketing purposes by using the influence projected by the celebrity in the public arena. Reports have shown that endorsements by celebrities can Continue Reading →

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Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

JuvenileA group of burglars enter a house to ransack it, only to discover an old lady and her son inside. In their insane fury, they shoot the son to death in front of the mother and stab the lady. Gruesome? Pathological? Heartless? How would you feel if you knew that the ages of the perpetrators were between 17-19. People who should have been studying ended up serving sentences from death penalty to life sentences. These are juveniles committing crimes hitherto considered to be adult in nature. Why should juveniles not be punished in accordance with the severity of their crimes, in an adult court?

What are the statistics of juvenile crimes and convictions?

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Should Prostitution be Legalized

Should Prostitution be legalized? Or should it be considered a crime and both the doer and the indulgent be punished severely? 

Mentioning the word ‘prostitution’ and its associated facts is apt to introduce awkwardness into ordinary social conversation. And yet, why do we squirm and hide and refuse to accept the existence of ‘oldest profession’ in the world? Why do we refuse to accept that the need for sex is a legitimate and natural need and that there is nothing wrong in paying for sexual services?


Often referred to as the oldest professions in the world, prostitution refers to the act of engaging in sexual activity for money. People involved in the act of prostitution are called sex workers or prostitutes. It is a thriving business and the earnings run into billions of dollars. The status of prostitution is not uniform. In many it is considered illegal to conduct prostitution businesses or scout for clients while in others it may be legal but may not be regulated. Both men and women may be involved in this.

What Was Responsible for Prostitution to Come About in Society?

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Sochi Olympics Disaster of US $5,000,000,000

They Couldn’t Care Less Even After Getting US $ 5,000,000,000, an amount that most of us would kill for! Could the Sochi Olympics disaster been avoided?

Why was the famous and looked forward to event such a huge disaster? Could Sochi Olympics have been managed better? What went wrong and how could it have been avoided. We have addressed some of these below so that you get a clear picture into the US $5,000,000,000 disaster.

Sochi OlympicsSochi is a vibrant beautiful city located along the Black Sea coast, at Krasnodar Krai in Russia. It is near the Caucasus Mountains and is very popular as a resort town on account of its salubrious climate, with warm summers and gentle winters, hence its attraction for Russians to come and sun themselves during the fierce cold winter seasons. Sochi has also been popular with hosting alpine sports events and hence on this basis it was selected to be the host for the 22nd Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2014. Continue Reading →

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